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Consumer-Driven Health Plans
Putting Knowledge and Power Into Your Hands

Change your thought process about heath care and take command of your family's life choices. Here is everything you need to know.

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Health Insurance is Expensive
Because Healthcare is Expensive

It's time to rethink the word healthcare by putting more emphasis on health and less on care.

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CDHP encourages us to make
informed lifestyle and healthcare choices

CDHP asks us to think before we spend, take care of what's really essential, and prevent wasting money on avoidable costs.

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A Paradigm Shift is Needed to
Bend the Healthcare Trend

CDHP isn't passive...

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The Power of CDHP

The power of Consumer-Driven health Plans (CDHP) rests in their ability to engage, educate and empower consumers to make more informed healthcare choices and live healthier lifestyles.

CDHP and Employers

You will save your company, yourself, and your employees a lot of money... and improve everyone's health along the way.

CDHP and You

The CDHP delivers physical and financial benefits to you.

Myth #7

CDHPs will create animosity between members and health professionals.

Actually, the Doctor-patient relationship becomes more solidified. The CDHP user is not confined to a particular plan and is afforded more flexibility to seek services, as the patient is in charge of the financial decisions.

More Myths Busted

CDHP Coach

To help get Consumers heading in the right direction regarding a consumer-driven health plan, the CDHPCoach provides valuable background, information, and resources to demystify Consumer-Driven Health Plans and "coaches" you towards the successful implementation of such a program.

The Coach is structured to allow access to employers and consumers alike, as they each become the decision-makers throughout this process. Engage, educate and empowerment are the central themes as you navigate throughout the Coach. In addition, questions are ordered and structured based on your knowledge level at each key location; allowing you to get a basic answer to a more complex one with more in-depth analysis for your varying needs.