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The CDHPCoach is designed to assist you in your organization’s Consumer-Driven Health & Wellness strategic planning – your coach needs to be prepared and assist each individual based on their strengths and weaknesses. In essence, a plan for each individual or organization in helping you discover where you are in the process, where you’re headed, and how you are going to get there successfully. Practice and reinforcement of the basics are just a few means in helping you get there.


Welcome to the CDHPCoach Boardroom. In this room, we will introduce a CDHP to your organization and help you understand how to effectively implement one and build a culture of health and wellness. Enthusiasm for the CDHP strategy needs to start in this room – leadership buy-in is essential to this healthcare cost strategy.


Welcome to the CDHPCoach classroom. As you may have guessed, this is where a lot of background information regarding Consumer Driven Health and Wellness Plans is available. Whether you are thinking of implementing a CDHP within your organization, you are a consumer who just enrolled in a CDHP or you are a seasoned pro, the information located in the classroom will assist you. CDHP is guided by three principles: transparency, responsibility, and opportunity.

Health Benefits Plans

Welcome to the CDHPCoach Benefit Advisor’s Office. The first step toward becoming CDHP savvy, is realizing that you do not have all the answers for every question about a CDHP. As an employer, it is incumbent upon you to seek reliable information and provide answers to those questions from credible sources – positioning yourself as the go-to person.


Welcome the CDHPCoachHealthcare Administrator. Think of this like a bank, as a Healthcare Administrator manages your healthcare account. An integral component of a CDHP, is the combination of a high-deductible high premium plan combined with a health savings account. In fact, the two must go hand-in-hand. Designing a plan which empowers consumers to manage their own money involves the necessary procedures in setting up a healthcare account.

Doctor's Office

Welcome to the CDHPCoaches Doctor’s Office. Going to a doctor’s office may at times be intimidating -do not worry. While there will not be any medical advice given, this is an important stop for you to fully understand what is involved for CDHP. The process of a doctor’s visit will be slightly different from what you may be used to under a previous plan. Co-pays for one, are not necessary per office visit and understanding your CDHP will afford you important plan awareness.

Compliance Office

Welcome to the CDHPCoach Compliance Office. In an ever changing world of rules and regulations, it is vital that you are kept up-to-date of what is necessary to be in compliance with those rules. Beyond just plan design, there is a need to be cognizant and understand both the compliance and administrative challenges you will face for a CDHP.


Welcome to an important stop for your CDHP understanding. As you begin to look at CDHP, or have been an advocate utilizing this plan within your organization, knowing the rules in an ever-changing environment is paramount. No matter which health savings account you may wish to offer, bear in mind a health savings account (HSA) must be offered in conjunction with an HSA-compatible high deductible health plan that complies with IRS guidelines.


Welcome to the CDHPCoach Gym and Wellness Center. As you begin to build a culture of health and wellness- you will find strategies to improve your organization’s overall performance and lead towards increased profitability/productivity.


Welcome to the CDHPCoach’s Nutrition Location. Part of a Consumer-Driven Health Plan involves adopting a healthier lifestyle which will have a positive impact on your health. So why have we included Nutrition as a stop within the Coach? To start, eating well and strategic planning will help you on a path towards health and wellness. Food choices, recipes, and understanding food labels will assist you on a path to wellness. The right mix of food groups coupled with knowledge of how each works helps improve your lifestyle and overall health.


Welcome to the CDHPCoach Library. Housed here are key components and information within the book, Bend the Healthcare Trend which was the impetus behind the CDHPCoach. On-line digital access to the book includes a CDHP glossary and quizzes for your personal mastery of CDHP concepts. There are a host of additional informational resources in various forms to Coach you in any level of your CDHP understanding and experience. Please note, that if you find a particular source of information or interesting facet about CDHP-you can link it to a spouse, friend, colleague or yourself!

Tools and Resources

Welcome to the CDHPCoach’s Storage Facility, where the Coach has organized and compiled a vast amount of tools and resources for you to access. Please note that any source of information may be linked and emailed to anyone you want to receive that information. If you need key questions for someone in your family that is having a health care event; and are wondering what you may need to ask your primary physician, simply locate the information and email. This ability within the Coach provides up-to-date needed information in your or a family members hands as quick as send!


Welcome to the CDHPCoach newsroom. There are so many great stories, new updates, and ideas for you to utilize regarding a Consumer-Driven health plan, that the newsroom made logical sense for those continual updates to be shared. Also, archived press releases and a forum to share and seek support from fellow CDHP users may also be located here.

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Please contact the CDHPCoach at 978-794-2347 or Please feel free to post queries in the Coaches forum.

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