CDHP and Employers

If your organization is considering adopting a CDHP, your employees’ understanding and comfort with the plan is usually the biggest concern.  Employees may say they have heard they will spend more on healthcare with these types of health insurance plans, seek less preventive care, and forgo necessary medical care because they won't want to spend the money in their healthcare account or pay any costs out of pocket.  Through the tools, resources, and information you have available to you in the CDHPCoach, you know they will most likely spend less on healthcare, become healthier, and even save for the future. You also know you are making an investment in them and creating a culture of health and wellness in your workplace.

It takes careful and well-planned communication and a thoughtful implementation action plan to educate employees about the benefits of CDHPs. The CDHPCoach helps you manage the challenges that come with change by giving you the tools, resources, and best practices you need to help lower your organization’s healthcare costs and improve the overall health and well-being of your employees.